Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe Privacy Policy


In order to operate effectively, Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe need to hold certain information about our customers.

This notice ensures that Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe apply appropriate measures to comply with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.


All Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe customers

Policy Statement

Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as very important to successful operations and to maintaining the confidence of those with whom we deal.

We will always do our utmost to ensure that our organisation treats personal information with respect, lawfully and correctly.

To this end we fully endorse and adhere to the Principles of Data Protection as detailed in the General Data Protection Regulations.

Why you Need to Read This

When you access the services provided by Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe, you may be providing us information in a variety of ways as described in this policy (Personal Data).

It is a condition of undertaking business with Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe that you need to review and understand the content of this notice, and that you agree to how we use your data for our legitimate business purpose.

In the unlikely event that we consider that potential use of data may be more intrusive, or where the provision and use of information is optional, then we will ask you to specifically consent to the collection and use of this information by direct indication.

What Information We Will Collect and How We Will Use It

We will collect and process the obvious information you provide to us by:

Registering with us as a supplier

Registering with us as a customer and using our services

Corresponding with us by phone, e-mail or messaging service

In these situations, you are aware what information you are providing to us, and why we need the information, as you are requesting us to use the information to fulfil your request. For the purpose of clarity, this information may include the following:

Your name

Your business name(s)

Your address

Your e-mail address(s)

Your telephone or mobile telephone number

Where you are a customer, client or supplier, the information collected may also include the following:

Bank account


Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe do not hold any information on site regarding card payments. These are held and managed by our secure payments provider.

This information is collected to provide the products and services that you have requested of us, and to comply with the requirements of any contracts that we may have with you. This is regarded as our legitimate business reason as required by the General Data Protection Regulations

Do Any Other Parties Have Access to my Information?

Generally, no. Artistic Visions & Artistic Visions Art Cafe do not provide access to any information to any other parties. The exception to this is where we are, or are potentially providing services from another supplier, through our business. In these circumstances, we will provide required information to allow you and us to make an informed decision on the suitability of products or services. We will not share any commercially sensitive information with any other parties.

Where is Data Stored and For How long?

All data we collect will be stored in our database

We will only store data for as long as is required

We will delete information when you have become an inactive customer, supplier, contractor or other 3rd party

Your Rights

You have the right to access information we hold about you. Simply e-mail us and we will advise you on this

You have the right to correct information if it is wrong. Please e-mail us to advise and correct information.

If you have any concerns about the data information held, please contact us and we will make every effort to amend or remove to satisfy your requirements. Remember that you may contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO ) for further information or to make a complaint.

The correspondence address for all GDPR requests is :


Artistic Visions –¬†229 Kenton Road,¬†Harrow HA3 0HD